Our Approach

How RegEd Manages Social Media

Q. How do you store social media data?

A.  RegEd, powered by Arkovi, gathers and stores the data in a rich format, with live hyperlinks and images used in social content, with additional information on the date and time of posting as well as source of content (what devices and/or services were used to post content). You can view the archives by social network, content type as well as search, report and export data.

Q.  How much can we (financial services firm) store?

A.  We do not limit the number of accounts a company may wish to archive. We count by users. Each user can add the social and web accounts they own credentials for.

Q.  What’s the frequency of updates to the system?

A.  RegEd archiving and surveillance updates throughout each day as well as offering on-demand refresh utilities.

Q. How long do you keep the data?

A.  We maintain data for as long as a company is a customer. On-demand export and reporting tools are available 24×7 within RegEd archiving in addition to our automated enterprise integration to third parties.

Q.  How is RegEd archiving deployed across an enterprise?

A.  If you have 1, 100 or 1,000 or more users – RegEd offers an automated solution for onboarding your firm. Our process includes online provisioning of an enterprise account and your users, training and support.

Q.  Can we upload our employees’ names?

A.  Yes – RegEd can import a directory listing of your employee’s names, email addresses and generate usernames and passwords in a bulk operation.

Q.  How are employees signed up and authorized?

A. A unique enterprise registration code is generated for your firm – and your employees can self-provision their social accounts on demand per your policy and guidelines established.

Q.  Do you provide training?

A.  RegEd offers and provides training for your administrative and end-user audience – and records those training sessions for ongoing use by your organization.

Q.  How do you handle password management?

A.  As your employees register with RegEd – they can both choose a password and also manage their passwords on demand. RegEd archiving leverages the power of OAuthorization – which eliminates the need for the collection and/or storage of social networking credentials. Once social accounts are authorized – your employees can manage their social media credentials without impact on RegEd archiving.

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