Questions Marketing Asks

Q.  How will RegEd archiving and surveillance, powered by Arkovi, help protect my company’s reputation and brand?

A.  RegEd provides a solution for archiving and monitoring the content you and your company create across social networks. In addition, we enable you to gather feeds, social and web searches on keywords and topics important to your brand. This data is available on a versatile dashhboard as well as exportable to Excel for additional analysis and use.

Q.  How easy is it for us to get started?

A.  From individual to the enterprise, a business can get started with RegEd archiving literally within minutes to add social accounts and feeds and begin monitoring. For larger organizations, we estimate it takes 3-5 minutes per user to register and add their social accounts.

Q.  How long has your archiving solution been around and who is using it?

A.  Arkovi launched in beta in September 2009 and went into production in January 2010. In October 2012 Arkovi was acquired by RegEd.  Our customers include asset managers, broker dealers, financial advisors, insurance companies and more.

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