Questions IT Asks

Q.  How are you archiving the data from social sites—are you screen-scraping, using the API for integration or using software that users have to go through like a portal?

A.  We archive via direct API integration. Also, we support RSS integration. This enables your users to continue leveraging the content tools and devices in place. RegEd archiving requires no installation or configuration of software on devices or systems.

Q. What features can you turn off?

A.  No features can be turned off by RegEd or any other system that archives what your employees do on sites that are beyond your firm’s control (public systems and networks). What is within your control is what your employees will do and how they will behave. Financial services firms need to adopt a social media policy and guidelines that spell out what will be allowed to be compliant with the regulations and with the firm’s conditions of employment.

Q.  How are you handling security? Are you securing the data in the database?

Your social media archives are just that—yours. We host them securely as a part of the delivery of our services to you. We do not distribute the data to third parties unless under the express consent of your relationship with a third party (i.e. our integration with email archiving providers, or to move your archives to a corporate or third-party digital storage destination).

Our reporting on the RegEd archive data is in aggregate, to identify the number of records we have and how they represent the social networks (platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and message types like Status Updates and Mentions, etc.).

Q.  How are you staying on top of the APIs, i.e., if the API drops or stalls, how do you handle that?

A.  There are two ways we monitor the APIs: one is for changes to the service itself (archiving more data) and secondly our team watches for changes to platforms themselves (new features, data, etc.). The APIs use queue technology, where if a social network API goes down – the data sits and waits for service to continue. Archiving continues.

Q.  Can data be deleted from the RegEd archives?

A.  No, users of RegEd cannot delete data from the archives.

Q. How long do you keep the data? Is it permanent? Where else can you send it?

A.  RegEd stores your social media archives for as long as you are an active customer. As an active customer, you have the ability to download some or all of your data, on demand, in Excel and XML format.

Additionally, enterprise customers may have the archives distributed to a third-party destination of their choice on a regular schedule.

Currently those distribution methods include:

  • Email of archives in Excel or XML format
  • FTP, SFTP or SSH of archives

Any customer who chooses to discontinue using our service may also confirm a complete export of all archives prior to the termination of account(s).

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