Questions Advisors Ask

Q.  Am I in compliance if I use you?

A. If you are SEC-regulated and you archive, you are in compliance. If you are FINRA-regulated and you have a policy and you’re following it, you are likely in compliance. In a FINRA environment, reviewing the policies set by your compliance supervision is essential. The way to demonstrate that you’re following a policy is to archive your online activities.

Q.  Do I own the data and how do I get to it?

A.  If you rely on a third-party to host your Website, your email or your CRM, you’re familiar with the cloud. RegEd archiving and surveillance, powered by Arkovi,  is a similar cloud-based provider. RegEd stores your social media archives for as long as you are an active customer. As an active customer, you have the ability to download some or all of your data, on demand, in Excel and XML format. Additionally, enterprise customers may have the archives distributed to a third-party destination of their choice on a regular schedule. Currently those distribution methods include:

  • Email of archives in Excel or XML
  • FTP, SFTP or SSH of archives

Any customer who chooses to discontinue using our service may also confirm a complete export of all archives prior to the termination of account(s).

Q.  How flexible is it? Can I keep doing what I’ve been doing? Can I use the same devices?

A.  RegEd archiving and surveillance was built with flexibility and accessibility in mind. If you were creating content on your work PC, Mac at home. Blackberry at work and your personal iPhone – you can continue doing so. Our approach is to integrate at the social platform level (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) so you can continue to create and distribute content as you have before. Keep in mind – understanding your social media policy is central to a compliant approach to using social media effectively. Also remember, RegEd archiving works fluently in the browsers of mobile devices and tablets as well as on the desktop browser.

Q.  Can you help me get started and measure the results?

A.  Absolutely – from our launch in 2009 – our goal was ease of use, flexibility and integration. We have developed a messaging, social media and web ecosystem that enables advisors to address all the key components of a digital strategy:

  • Consolidated message archiving including email, social media and more
  • Blog, social and web dashboards for managing how you create and publish content
  • Analytics to measure your content and its consumption by clients, prospects and observers
  • The reporting and compliance necessary to validate your use of an online strategy

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