Social Media Minute Podcast by RegEd: Google+ – It’s Importance and the Wonder of Hangouts

Google+ is the best new social network that is NOT a social network (at least according to Google executives). We love it and contrary to conventional wisdom that suggests it is a flop – we see it as an evolution of crowdsourcing of Google Apps and of search itself. Plus we really dig the Circles and Hangouts.

In particular – Hangouts on Air are a great tool that can be used as a new marketing component. There are great examples and the use of them is very approachable with some basic fundamental planning.

We’ve linked some real world examples below as well as the Google Hangouts on Air Getting Started Guide.

(FYI – RegEd captures the YouTube and Google+ activity that results from Hangouts on Air in our social media archiving platform!).

Episode 89 – Google Plus Hangouts

Show Notes:

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