Pinning the Story Behind the Brand: Pinterest Announces New Business Accounts

Pinterest, the social media platform everyone is talking about, announced some exciting, long awaited news this afternoon.  Finally, pin-enthusiasts everywhere will have the option of creating not only personal profiles, but also business accounts.  Now it is easier than ever for businesses to broaden their reach and build their online presence through pinning.  Pinterest business accounts are available for all businesses – from worldwide established brands to startups and non-profit organizations.  Business accounts — both new and converted — are also encouraged to take advantage of the new button and widget options discussed below.

If you do not have an existing “unofficial” business presence on Pinterest, you will need to first sign up for a business account by visiting  From here you will select New to Pinterest.  For those businesses that were using Pinterest way before the new business account feature came along, never fear – users have the option to convert their existing accounts as well.

For the beginners, once you click New to Pinterest, you will select the type of account that best describes you – professional, brand, retailer, etc. – enter the name and email of the person managing your Pinterest profile, and then choose a password.  Once that step is completed you will be asked to fill out your public information, including your business name, username and Pinterest URL.  Business users will also have the opportunity to brand their new Pinterest account by uploading a logo, short description, and website.

Remember to choose a high quality graphic – on a social platform that is completely visual, you definitely want to start off on the right foot by using a sharp logo that will capture attention and allow others in the “piniverse” to understand exactly who you are as a brand.  You will also need to include the contact details for your business.  Remember to keep everything consistent with information listed on your website and other social accounts.  Lastly, make sure to read through and accept the Terms of Service and click Save.

For those of us who have been on Pinterest for some time now, congratulations on being ahead of the game!  Now, you can finally switch over to an official business profile.  Keep in mind that once you convert your account, you cannot switch back.

To begin, visit and click Convert Your Existing Account.  You will then be prompted to log-in to your existing account.

Once logged in you will need to complete the following four tasks (new Pinterest business users will have to do this also).  Each task comes with easy step-by-step instructions, as well as YouTube video tutorials.  For mobile users, directions on setting up Pinterest for iPhone, iPad and Android are also available.

These four steps allow businesses to not only broadcast to others that they’re pinning, but also increase traffic to websites by making it convenient for others to find Pinterest profiles and pin content.

1.  Verify Your Website: allows users to see your full website URL on your profile, as well as in search results.

2.  Start Pinning: add the Pin It bookmark to your browser and easily pin images from any website onto your pin boards.

3.  Drive Traffic Back: through new widgets, you now have the option to add the Pin It button to your website and allow others to pin images directly from your website.  This button will also lead people wanting more information on business-specific pins back to the original source – your website.

4.  Grow Your Audience: add the Follow Me on Pinterest button to your website.  This will broadcast to website visitors that you are pinning and invite them to follow your boards.  Clicking this button will automatically redirect them to your Pinterest business account.

By creating an official business account for your company or organization, you can embark on an exciting visual journey, sharing the story behind your brand with customers and prospects.  Remember to be creative, showcase who you are and build a community of followers.  Now, get pinning!

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