Social Media Minute Podcast: Social Boost to Your New Startup Business?

We receive many questions on “How do I get started?” – however – most recently we were asked “what about for my new business?”.

While this a topic of significant depth – we have three key tips:

1.   Fundamentals – setup your profiles properly:

–  Professional photos and logos

–  Consistent, clear bios and info to define and position your business

–  Insure contact information is available and correct

2.  Monitor and observe on social

–  Find folks in your direct business segment

–  Find your prospective and early customers

–  Learn good and bad tactics through listening and observing on social

3.  Have the right perspective when launching on social

We credit Jay Palter with an outstanding definition for using social – see it here on his Google+ post.

He noted: “My social media strategy: Treat every relationship as an opportunity to grow social capital without necessarily having a way to monetize it.”

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