Social Media Minute Podcast: LinkedIn and Twitter – It Will Be OK!

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The LinkedIn and Twitter Divorce? Or Just a Rift…

There has been a lot of buzz about the changes Twitter made to discontinue sending tweets to your LinkedIn status updates. While this occurred at the end of June – we continue to receive questions on the change, how it might impact folks and more. The questions have primarily been 1) I was sending my tweets to LinkedIn – now what? and 2) Was I supposed to be sending my tweets to LinkedIn?

FYI – You can continue to send a LinkedIn status update from to Twitter as  tweet.

Since we have never been fans of blasting the same piece of content everywhere without any nuance or consideration of each social platform  you use – this is not a significant negative.

Listen in and let us know your opinion at podcast(at)

The Twitter blog post on the changes

LinkedIn response

How to add Twitter to LinkedIn 

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