Managing Your Facebook Pages: There’s an App for That!

It seems like no matter what you’re interested in these days, you are told “there’s an app for that!”  However, being a manager for several Facebook accounts, I was constantly frustrated that there was not an app that made it easier to post on behalf of business Pages.  After all, my interests include strengthening my brand’s presence on Facebook while sharing content relevant to my fans — why then, was there no app for that?  Thankfully, Facebook finally released a free Pages Manager app in May, making it more convenient for social media managers to post, comment and upload pictures to their business pages anytime, anywhere.

The New Facebook Pages Manager App Makes Posting to Your Business Page Easier than Ever!

After downloading the app, Facebook will prompt you to log-in to your personal Facebook account.  Once you have authorized the app, the Pages Manager will allow you to only view activity associated with the Pages that you post to as an administrator.  All of your pages (if you manage more than one) are listed on the side panel.  Select the page you want to post on behalf of and you are all set to get social!

All of Your Facebook Pages are Listed on the Side Panel — Simply Choose the One You Want to Use.

Also, just like the original Facebook app for personal profiles, you can post updates and photos directly to your business Page.  You will also be alerted through Facebook notifications when someone has liked your Page, posted to your wall, or left any comments.  Furthermore, you have the option of viewing your Page statistics, which include a detailed report of your total number of Page likes, how many Facebook users are talking about your Page, how many fans your posts have reached, and any treads discovered on your profile.

Now It’s Easier than Ever to Post a Status Update, Comment, or Share Photos on Your Business Page.

With a similar look and feel to the first Facebook app, the Pages Manager is extremely easy to use.  With this app allowing admins to post at any time, businesses now have the opportunity to increase brand engagement and keep fans constantly updated on the exciting news you have to share.  At the same time, it is important to include apps like these in your social media policy.  It is recommended to have an archiving solution that will monitor activity occurring on your Page, as well as guidelines as to what content administrators should be posting and how often they should be sharing information online.

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