Twitter Trends at Morningstar Investment Conference 2012

We served in the social media lab this year with AJAX Social Media and Carl Richards (@behaviorgap) at the Morningstar Investment Conference (at McCormick Place, Chicago, June 20-22). In addition – Arkovi was archiving the conference hashtag, #MIC2012, and took a look at some metrics.

An interesting editorial note to consider – there were well over 1500 tweets leading up to, during and post-conference using the conference hashtag – and less than a dozen remain discoverable when searching on A critical reason to use social media archiving for your social activity regardless if your motive is compliance, marketing and/or business intelligence.

First – congratulations to Leslie Banks and the conference team – as the conference hashtag trended on Twitter on the first day of the conference (see below). In addition – it was tweeted that it trended a bit on Thursday as well (watch out Justin Bieber).

Morningstar trends on Twitter via #MIC2012 @lesliebanks

There was quite a bit of activity across the hashtag (and likely a bit of interaction where the hashtag was omitted). The clear value of Twitter is reflected in watching the back channel during keynotes and presentations. One can glean several bits of sentiment and takeaways from watching this stream:

  • Quality of speaker
  • Depth of speaker’s knowledge on topic
  • Pulse of audience responding to the speaker’s perspective on topic
  • and the tone of attendee comments and questions

For example – during the Jeremy Grantham keynote  

via @charlesrotblut

via @byrnesconsultin

via @jackotter

via @jbreitfelder

Where Twitter Content Originated

We also like to watch how content is posted to Twitter to explore trends across apps, mobile devices and computer usage for social media. Recently we continued our own series on trends in social usage and we wanted to share some results from the conference. As would be expected usage trended mobile being at an industry conference as you can see below. However – there were still a good number of folks with laptops on their lap during sessions and even open in the exhibit hall.

From a completely unscientific perspective – I also saw the largest number of iPads at this event than any others I have been to in the last year. Intriguing as this is not a technical conference where there would be a bias of early adopters.

Mobile 38%
Browser* 50%
Computer 12%

*Browser includes browser usage across smart devices and computers unless the source explicitly stated (i.e. Safari on iOS versus Safari).

Overall 40 Twitter clients were used at the conference across 241 Twitter accounts that used the #MIC2012 hashtag between June 12 and June 27. Just missing the Top 10 were tweets sent from the native Camera app on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Twitter for Blackberry. Yes – we still saw quite a few Blackberries at the show.

Top 10 Twitter Sources

Twitter for iPhone 22% 18%
HootSuite 17%
StockTwits Web 11%
TweetDeck 8%
Twitter for iPad 6%
Echofon 3%
FTModerator 2%
Tweetbot for iOS 1%
Sprout Social 1%

Being a financial services audience we see StockTwits trend up into the top 10. Likewise we also see a compliance platform from the industry (FTModerator from Actiance. Arkovi and Socialware were also in the 40 Twitter clients in use).

We also see a new entry to the list in Sprout Social. Though they have been around for some time (we recommend them to folks all the time) they appear in the top 10 for the first time. An interesting exclusion from the top 10 are any Android apps. Being the most widely sold phone across mobile carriers – it certainly does not seem to be popular in finance. It made the list of all Twitter sources but had less of a showing than Blackberry.

Also – Arkovi dispatched an episode of the social media minute podcast from the conference this year – you can listen to this episode below.

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