Adding a New Facebook Administrator is Nothing to Stress About

Building your social media presence requires patience and dedication.  At Arkovi, we are here to help you build your online brand and are dedicated to making your social media experience easier than ever.  One question we receive on a regular basis is how to add additional Facebook administrators to your business Facebook Page.  Don’t let simple problems like this get in the way of creating social media engagement — here are the five easy steps to adding new Facebook Page admins:

Remember, in order to be a Facebook Page administrator, the user must ‘like’ your business Page from his or her personal Facebook account.

1.  Log-in to your personal Facebook account and click over to your Business Page.  At the top of the Page, you will see the Administrator panel.  Click Edit Page.

2.  Select Admin Roles.

3.  You will see a list of all the admins you currently have for your Page.  From here you can type the name of the person you would like to add in the open field.

4.  Facebook recently created a new feature where you can select the role for each Page admin, allowing you to assign the new administrator to be a Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser or Insights Analyst.

5.  Once you have added the new admin, click on Save Changes.  Facebook will prompt you to type your personal Facebook password and click Confirm before everything is saved.

Adding more admins who understand your business culture online can definitely ease the stress that often comes with Facebook engagement.  Also, with the new Admin Roles option Facebook added last month, administrators can bring their own level of expertise to the Page.  By assigning different roles to Page admins, a variety of skill sets and departments can come together to not only manage the Page, but to also strengthen their Facebook profile by being in charge of their area of expertise.

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