Facebook Made Easy: New Change Brings Admin Levels and Post Scheduling

Here’s a question for Facebook administrators – what role do you play on your Page?  The newest change Facebook introduced last week allows each administrator to bring their own level of expertise to the Page.  Now Facebook business users have the option to assign five different roles for their administrators: Managers, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst.   Now all Page administrators have set roles, depending on what they need to work on.  Here’s a brief description of each new role:

  • Manager: manages admin roles, sends messages, and creates posts as the Page.
  • Content Creator: edits the Page, sends messages, and creates posts as the Page.
  • Advertiser: creates posts as the page, as well as Facebook ads.
  • Moderator: responds to and deletes comments on the Page.  Also has the ability to send messages as the Page.
  • Insights Analyst: views insights and lets other administrators know what content is getting the most clicks, what marketing techniques are successful, etc.

The New Facebook Admin Roles

By assigning different roles to Page admins, a variety of skill sets and departments can come together to not only manage their Page, but also strengthen their Facebook profile by being in charge of their area of expertise.  What a relief to social media managers struggling to handle all online activity effectively!

The newest Facebook change doesn’t end there.  One of the biggest challenges businesses name when they embark on their social media journeys is that there is not enough time in the day for them to jump online and post to Facebook numerous times throughout the day.  It seems the prayers of social media managers everywhere have finally been answered– the newest Facebook change now allows you to schedule posts directly on your Facebook page.  Simply prepare your post, click on the little gray clock on the bottom left of the post, add your desired date and time and voilà, Facebook will post it to your wall for the scheduled time.  Soon, Facebook administrators will be able to schedule updates up to six months in advance, which will allow businesses to plan ahead and prepare posts for fundraisers, events and special promotions.

Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Schedule Your Facebook Posts

Clearly, this newest Facebook change will relieve stress for administrators while making it easier than ever for businesses to engage on social media.  With Facebook roles clearer than ever and a new scheduling tool (as well as Arkovi handling your compliance needs), what’s your excuse for not getting your business on Facebook?

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