Tweaking Timeline: Facebook Tests New Streamlined Redesign

For those of you finally getting used to Facebook’s Timeline design, prepare yourselves for another possible change to your profile’s look and feel.  A new test redesign captured media attention earlier this morning, although Facebook has not released when, or if, the new Timeline changes will go into effect – or how many profiles will be tested with the redesign.

So far, many different articles have been written on these changes since the screenshots below were posted on Talking Points Memo this morning.  However, many people are asking the same thing – this isn’t a major change, so why does Facebook even bother?  In our opinion, we think the cause of this sudden redesign is due to the fact that these changes will make Facebook more convenient for mobile users.

As you will see in the screenshots below, the new test version of Timeline has shifted user’s information – name, occupation, education and location – into the bottom of the cover photo.  Furthermore, the thumbnail images – showcasing Friends, Photos and Likes — has been compressed into basic tabs, making the design more streamlined.  Also new is a Summary tab highlighting the key events of the user’s Timeline.

The Possible Facebook Timeline Redesign

The Current Facebook Timeline Design

This new design possibility will make Facebook content more navigable on mobile devices, especially when viewing Facebook on smaller screens and on a variety of different devices, platforms and browsers.

Considering the recent discussions around Facebook seeking to improve the mobile channel of their advertising platform, this would fall in step.  Maximizing screen real estate on the smart phone and tablet will leave open a channel for advertising and perhaps minimize Facebook users’ annoyance when those ads stream in.

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