How Are Financial Advisors Using Social Media?

We get asked constantly – how are business’ using social media? Our answer – lets take a close look at real world data analysis rather than through a survey. Arkovi released an initial infographic in February 2011 as a debut of our social media research offerings. Now we revisit the data a year later to start exploring trends.

What is Trending?
You can see a discussion on these statistics in Financial Advisor Magazine in an interview we had with FAMagazine blogger Mike Byrnes on May 15, 2012. What we see are three key movements in social for our customers:

  1. They are seeing increased engagement. Based on upticks in Facebook comments from third-parties and in Facebook Mail – communication and interaction is growing. Likewise with the increase in Twitter Mentions – a clear signal tweets are being read and shared or commented on.
  2. Based on the year over year time-frame it illustrates that approaching social media with a strategy and consistency will provide measurable results. One cannot just “plow in” to social and expect to reap rewards without a plan, commitment and authenticity.
  3. The shift to mobile and cloud-hosted solutions continues – with further trending away from the desktop. While there has been a slow shift to mobile since the emergence of the smart phone – we believe the tablet has been the cornerstone of the more dramatic move away from the desktop to browser and apps.

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