Social Media Minute Podcast: Repurposing Content

Repurposing content – what does that even mean?  In this episode of the Social Media Minute, we have made the subject a bit broader – talking about saving content created by others as reference material, sources to cite, and inspiration for your own editorial calendar. In addition, we discuss curating your own content – knowing both what topics to cover, as well as formats, mediums and uses.

For example, you might want to write about hedging in financial markets (thinking of the current stories on JP Morgan Chase) – this could lead to:

  • A blog post on why financial institutions hedge
  • Stats on successful and not-so-successful examples of hedging investments
  • A podcast with your thoughts on whether investors should factor hedge funds into their planning
  • An infographic showing the changes in financial markets based on the activities of hedge funds in the last ten years

This is not only repurposing content, but also giving you avenues to share across the online spectrum of outlets via visual and text-based social networks.

Some of the tools we mention for organizing content:

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