Social Media Minute Podcast: Foursquare and Risks

Do you check-in on Foursquare? For some Arkovi customers, geolocation networks like Foursquare make them a little nervous.  We are often asked about the risk involved with checking in.

For example, when attending the TD Ameritrade Institutional 2012 National Conference in February, participants were able to check-in to the conference.  When encouraging attendees to use Foursquare during the social media lab, we received questions ranging from “what’s the point of checking in?” to “won’t someone come rob my house if they see I am not at home?”  When using Foursquare, the number one piece of advice we can give is to be judicious about who you’re sharing information with.  To learn more helpful tips, tune-in to the Social Media Minute podcast below.

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