Sailing Into Social Media: The Tale of the Titanic Retold

As the Marketing Coordinator for Arkovi, I encourage our customers to be creative with social media.  Constantly trying to think outside of the box myself, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting ways that people are using social media to share their message or bring attention to their brand.  Scott Bodin wasn’t wrong when he wrote his book the ‘Purple Cow’; the answer to success comes from making your brand stand out against the competition.  A few months ago, I wrote an article about the Twitter account @RealTimeWWII, a project by a history graduate student who decided to relive World War II one tweet at a time.  Now I have discovered yet another historical topic has sailed into the realm of social media – the tragic tale of the RMS Titanic

On this day one 100 years ago, the infamous Titanic had already departed on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic.  Most of us are well aware of the famous James Cameron film inspired by the Titanic and its doomed voyage, but did you also know that there are apps and Twitter accounts dedicated to the tragic voyage as well?  Just like @RealTimeWWII, you can follow @TitanicRealTime, which includes tweets from the different passengers onboard the luxury ocean liner.  The minds behind this project, The History Press, were creative enough to includes hashtags in their tweets such as #firstclass, #crew and #thirdclass.  Followers are able to learn via tweet that the #firstclass passengers were “treated to a marvelous meal with excellent company”, while one #passenger shared how he is looking forward to seeing New York for the very first time.

@TitanicRealTime on Twitter

With over 62,000 followers, social media lovers and history buffs alike can “experience the Titanic’s epic journey with minute-by-minute tweets as if from on board the ship itself”.    Not into Twitter?  Why not download National Geographic’s “Building Titanic” iPad app?  Its photos and passenger accounts will make you feel as if you are on the ship yourself.  If video is more your thing, watch Titanic 100, National Geographic’s animated video on how and why the Titanic sank.

James Cameron and National Geographic have released a new CGI of How the Titanic Sank

Even social media’s new kid on the block, Pinterest, is showcasing the Titanic’s 100 year anniversary.  The Smithsonian Institute has a Pinterest board called “Titanic at 100”, which provides a digital scrapbook of artifacts, exhibitions and material from the museums, archives, and media from Smithsonian Magazine about the Titanic disaster on April 14, 1912

Titanic Pins Provided by the Smithsonian Institute

Whether you start following the Titanic’s voyage on Twitter or Pinterest, encounter photos and testimonials via the educational app, or watch the sinking on Youtube, take notice of the way social media is capturing the attention of a generation engaging on social media.  Technology is providing us with new and exciting ways to connect with the past and make important stories and ideas stand out against the rest.

I am constantly surprised at how the old and new meet – these historical events that we’ve heard about over and over again in school and in our history books are being given a new life through social media.  Therefore, no matter what your industry – education, financial services, or non-profit – challenge yourself to put a new spin on the way you market your content.  The most off the wall and creative ideas may be the answer to your social media success.

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