Partner Spotlight: Content Marketing Through BrightScope Advisor Pages

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to share an article recently written by Dylan Hecklau of BrightScope.  BrightScope is a financial information company that brings transparency to opaque markets. Data. Diligence.Decisions.

BrightScope Advisor Pages is a platform used by financial advisors, brokers, and planners to enhance their web presence and grow their business online. In this current age of transparency, it is critical to develop and maintain a web presence that reminds your current clients why they work with you, and also opens the door to their referrals and other potential clients.

Through BrightScope Advisor Pages, advisors are able to enhance what their current and potential clients find when those investors perform due diligence or research a financial topic. By creating quality content, answering consumers’ financial questions, and interacting with the several hundred thousand investors using BrightScope each month, advisors are able to enhance their web presence and broaden their reach.

For instance, when an advisor answers a consumer’s question on BrightScope, they not only highlight their expertise to the individual who asked the question, but also the many users on BrightScope who may have the same question:

Advisors are also able to capitalize on BrightScope’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as many questions posed by investors, plan sponsors and plan participants on BrightScope quickly become top search results in Google:

Thus, advisors who answer questions on BrightScope are able to associate themselves or their firm with their expertise and the specific services they focus on. Furthermore, advisors can author financial guides, which function much like blog posts, to highlight their experience and acumen with a specific topic, service or product. Your online brand has become an integral component of your overall branding, and aligning your name and your firm’s name with your specialties is critical.

Are you passionate about being fee-only? Do you work closely with a specific profession, gender, or age group? Is being a fiduciary your primary focus? BrightScope Advisor Pages allows you to highlight these distinguishing characteristics about you or your firm, and makes it easy to build recognition around those characteristics through content marketing and branding.

Many advisors we work with have shared the experience of investing time and resources in a website or blog, only to find that the traffic and the attention it receives from potential or current clients are not quickly obtained. BrightScope Advisor Pages has helped advisors in this position by offering a platform that is both highly visible and highly trusted. We are well known for our BrightScope 401k Ratings and BrightScope Advisor Pages, so advisors don’t need to worry about traffic or exposure, only about contributing valuable content.
How can advisors get involved?

  • Answer questions: View unanswered questions in your areas of expertise and start building relationships with prospects by answering their questions
  • Publish financial guides:  Publishing guides on BrightScope allows advisors to be the first face an investor sees when researching a financial issue.  What better way to effectively market than publish content on your areas of expertise?

Why should advisors engage in Financial Q&A?

  • Leverage over 285,000 unique visitors a month on our site (and growing)
  • Build relationships with clients and prospects
  • Showcase your expertise
  • A direct link to your advisor profile accompanies each of your answers and financial guides
  • Answering questions and posting financial guides often will earn you a spot on our homepage and our 401k Ratings

Questions? Interested in learning more?  Get started with these simple steps.

Email us at  We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

[box type=”bio”] Dylan Hecklau is the Vice President of BrightScope Advisor Pages. He works closely with financial advisors and financial service professionals to enhance their web-presence and online marketing. Dylan is an expert in social media and online brand building with years of experience helping advisors expand their reach online. Dylan began his career with BrightScope specializing in the defined contribution plan marketplace, assisting retirement advisors in marketing and growing their business. Dylan earned his BA from the University of California, San Diego and is an avid water polo player.[/box]

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