Facebook Timeline for Business: Branding Redefined

For some businesses, journeying into social media can be a very unnerving undertaking.  Getting acquainted with the social media community takes time, but eventually you find a particular platform that becomes your favorite, one that speaks to you and successfully allows you to reach your clients and prospects.  For me, that particular social media platform is Facebook.  This super social media site provides individuals and businesses with the chance to personalize their profiles with photos, videos and more.  However, what do you do when the site that you’ve become familiar and comfortable with changes on you?  Sure, Facebook has had plenty of changes in the past months, but none is greater than the new Timeline feature.  Some users have had nothing but raving reviews for this recent change while others have resisted the redesign.

For businesses, however, the shift to the new Timeline feature is now unavoidable due to Facebook’s announcement that all business profiles will be automatically switched over to the new design as of March 30.  So, ready or not, after March 30th, businesses will have the Timeline feature whether it’s set up properly or not.  Luckily, there are three great features businesses can look forward to with this change that might once again make Facebook the profile they’ve grown to love.

A New Look That Grabs Attention – Cover Photo, Milestones and More

If your business is focused on branding, Facebook Timeline might just be what you’ve been looking for.  Once the change to Timeline is made, users will have the opportunity to select a cover photo for the very top of their profile page.  When going to a Facebook page, the cover photo is the first thing visitors will see.  Therefore, not only can clients and prospects become familiar with a profile picture, which is most likely a company logo, but now users can choose another strong image that represents their business and its online message.  Want to showcase how your business has grown and continued to become more successful and innovative?  Businesses can highlight their corporate history, which can include milestones, recognitions and achievements, and the introduction of new products and services.  By including these achievements in your profile, people become more familiar with your brand by telling them the story of your business’ beginnings and how it got to where it is today.

Dynamic New Cover Photo Catches Fans’ Attentions

“About Section” and Tabs – Highlight the Information Most Important to Your Brand

Timeline’s new “About” section is now front and center on Facebook profiles.  Due to the character limit, it is recommended to use a tag line or a sentence that embodies your brand’s mission and values.  Also affected by the Timeline redesign is tab orientation.   Tabs on business profiles are no longer located along the left hand side. All information is displayed along the top directly under the cover photo.  Timeline’s width only gives enough space for three tab panels to be seen at a time.  However, users can view your additional information by clicking the drop-down box.  When building your new Timeline profile, it is important to consider what company details should be visible right off the bat.  Consider what information is most important to your brand and message and make sure those particular details are prominently displayed in those three tabs for your visitors.

New Location for the “About” Section and Tabs

Content Management – Showcase Posts Most Important to You

Maybe the best new feature that will help with branding is the way Facebook showcases content on profiles.   Users can now favorite or ‘pin’ certain posts to the top of their business Timelines.  Instead of a post slowly drifting to the bottom of your page, ‘pinning’ it will distinguish it from other content by keeping it at the top of the Timeline and marking it with an orange flag.

Pin Posts to the Top of Your Timeline By Clicking “Edit” on the Top Right of the Post and Selecting “Pin to Top”

Or, because Timeline only allows you to ‘pin’ one post at a time, you can highlight a post by clicking the star on the top right side of the post.  This will make the post larger and more prominent on your Timeline wall. Being able to ‘pin’  or ‘star’ a post, article or event makes a statement and shows your fans that that particular piece is carries an important message to your brand.

Make Facebook Posts Larger By Clicking the Star in the Right Corner

Make Facebook Posts Larger By Clicking the Star in the Right Corner

The new Facebook Timeline gives businesses the opportunity to strengthen their brand online.  Instead of dreading the change, embrace it!  Take the time to build a great profile and then proudly announce the new branding redesign of your favorite profile to your fans everywhere.

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