Financial Advisors and Social Media: A Brief Online Survey

If you are a financial advisor engaging with clients and finding success with social media, please take the time to complete a quick survey by our partners at Financial Social Media.  Specializing in teaching financial advisors how to combine social media with traditional marketing techniques, Financial Social Media’s online survey aims to discover what types of marketing advisors are utilizing, what social media platforms they are finding beneficial to their business,  and how they are measuring their online success with social media.

With numerous concerns around compliance and social media, Arkovi partnered with Financial Social Media this year with the goal of reaching out to advisors and providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to remain compliant while implementing a strong social media strategy. The combined offering delivers education and training , strategic and tactical help and the compliant technology to leverage the power of social media.

The 2012 Financial Social Media Survey also seeks to capture the top concerns advisors have with social media, as well as asking if they currently use a social media compliance software to archive their activities.

With their ultimate goal of aiding advisors to increase revenue, decrease marketing expenses, and improve customer support, completing Financial Social Media‘s 2012 survey will provide them with further research.  Therefore, they will be able to continue their work on educating advisors on social media and online techniques.

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