Social Media Minute Podcast: Identifying the Resources in Your Business to Help You Use Social Media

As discussed earlier, listening and encouraging others to listen online is a great resource in your business for using social media. However, many businesses will also hire a young intern or employee fresh out of college to manage their social media.  This can become a problem if you hire someone just because they’re young and from a generation who engages in social media all the time.  Whoever manages your social media accounts, whether it be a seasoned member of your staff, an intern, or new employee beginning his or her career, needs time to study your business.  By making sure everyone learns the pulse and context of your business’ social media policy, you will be able to better serve customers and reach out to prospects, knowing that everyone is on the same page when it comes to social media engagement.

Listen to Arkovi’s previous Social Media Minute Podcasts:

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