Social Media Minute Podcast: How Can I Start to Measure My Social Media Impact?

Social media influence doesn’t happen overnight – it often takes years to truly cultivate a strong impact online. However, don’t get discouraged!  We suggest two great tools that can help you measure your social media impact, as well as show you areas to improve in.  The first tool, Klout, uses data from your social networks to give you an influence score, thereby showing how well you are impacting others with you tweets and posts to Facebook and LinkedIn.  The second tool is PeerIndex, which supplies you with “fingerprints” on the content you talk about online, as well as what posts of yours are being shared and retweeted by your followers, friends and connections.  Both Klout and PeerIndex can help you measure your impact, but in order to become a successful influence on social media, remember to always be patient, follow those with similar interests, and engage with others to create long lasting and successful relationships on social media.

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