Arkovi Partners with Texas Tech University to Study Social Media in Financial Services

We are pleased to announce a research partnership with Texas Tech University’s Department of Personal Financial Planning. The new partnership will explore the use of social media in financial services. The initial efforts will begin through the analysis of public Twitter data. (see the full press release here.)

The Doctoral Program in the Department of Personal Financial Planning, which is headed by Dr. Michael Finke, CFP , strives to generate quality research that expands the body of knowledge in financial planning. With its 25th anniversary in 2012, Texas Tech is the leader in high quality comprehensive financial planning education and continues to cultivate new outlets for students to conduct high quality research while also inspiring excellence in the financial planning industry.

The Department’s research partnership with Arkovi will foster Texas Tech’s mission to improve the profession of financial planning by providing analytical research on the use of social media by financial advisors and institutions.

“Our recent research shows that financial planners can help clients maintain their goals during periods of market uncertainty,” said Finke. “Our partnership with Arkovi gives us access to data to help us better understand when clients feel anxiety and how advisors respond.”

The joint initiative will include short form research on a regular frequency along with deeper research reports across the social media spectrum.

“This effort allows us to study the use of social media, identify the best practices, and share those practices with others while also developing benchmarks on that use,” said Blane Warrene, CEO at BMRW & Associates, Inc.

Questions and inquiries can be directed to Arkovi staff via our Contact form or by calling us at 866-222-2334.
About Texas Tech University
The Texas Tech Personal Financial Planning (PFP) Program is the preeminent program in the United States. Established by leaders with a vision of the need to focus financial knowledge on families and the achievement of their goals, it evolved from the Family Finance major which has been in place at Texas Tech for over 25 years. The PFP major has become highly marketable, meeting the standards for registration established by Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc (CFP Board). In fact, of the over 210 colleges and universities in the U.S. with programs registered by the CFP Board, only a few have approved majors at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and only Texas Tech has a registered Ph.D. program in Personal Financial Planning and minors in both Finance and Agricultural Economics.

The PFP department features 12 full-time faculty, five graduate adjunct faculty, approximately 125 undergraduate students, 120 master’s students, and 35 doctoral students. There are also approximately 1,000 students per semester taking basic personal finance courses, with nearly 100 of those students completing a formal minor in personal finance.

Texas Tech University Media Contact:
Dr. Michael Finke, CFP

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