Tell Your Story with the New Facebook Timeline

As we look forward to starting a new year, why not start off fresh with another Facebook change.  Facebook’s latest change is the new Timeline feature, which allows users to share more about themselves and their experiences, as well as make the look of their Facebook profiles more personal.  Unlike the previous Facebook changes, many users are happy about the chance to fill out their Timelines and are turning it into a fun project.

Once you are ready to activate the new Timeline feature, the introductory site gives you the opportunity to construct your new look and decide what to showcase on your profile.  Update your information and select a banner image to display at the top of your page.  Facebook also added a new Life Events section to profiles, where users can list important milestones, such as buying a home, having a baby or overcoming an illness.  Also available are new social applications, such as Netflix and Spotify, which can be integrated into profiles.  Nervous about what to add or need time to adjust to the new changes?  Facebook won’t show the Timeline change to your profile for seven days.  That way you have a week to adjust and get your profile looking the way you want it to before any friends or colleagues see it.

With the other changes made in the past, Facebook has been criticized for its privacy issues.  However, even with the new Timeline feature, your privacy settings will remain the same as they are currently.  However, this new change is the perfect opportunity to take a tour of Facebook’s privacy settings.  Consider what personal information you want to share, as well as what photos you want people to be able to ‘tag’ you in.  Decide want information you want to be seen in public search information.  Or, make groups that will allow posts and photos you share with family and friends to be kept hidden from work colleagues.  Taking the time to think about your privacy settings will ultimately protect you from photos, statuses and additional information being shared with the wrong people.

The new Timeline feature was designed to let Facebook users tell their stories.  Remember to be smart and have fun making your profile more about you!

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