Arkovi: Defense Against Top Cyber Security Trends

In a recent article, Bill Wansley, Senior Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton, released a view into their list of the top 10 financial services cyber security trends to monitor for in 2012.   According to Wansley, these threats have a “trickle-down effect on every part of a financial services organization, with reputational and financial impacts that can be a huge risk to any organization.”  Therefore, it is critical that these organizations are aware of the following cyber security threats and are prepared to respond:


Threat assessment: Senior executives are no longer invisible online. Firms should assume that hackers already have a complete profile of their executive suite and the junior staff members who have access to them.

Threat response: Train executives not to post any personal information to social media or other public websites. Screen all incoming mail to top executives for signs of “social engineering” through messages that appear to come from friends. Scan all messages for odd command and control instructions and extraneous lumps of code.

To further protect themselves from cyber security threats, companies in the financial services industry can monitor Google, Twitter and other sources for public mentions of executives, brand names, products, and services to insure they know what is published and being said online. Through the utilization of social media archiving solutions such as Arkovi, companies can view these mentions through our Twitter and RSS features.  Taking advantage of these Arkovi features allows financial services organizations to heed Wansley’s advice to “embrace a dynamic defense that embodies the same aggressive, nimble, and methodical approach as our cyber adversaries use against us today.”

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