How Are People Posting to Twitter

Twitter is a rich network for exploring trending topics, hashtags and various slices and dices of data. Its immediacy, short form and ability to link creates a fantastic place to syndicate content, take the “pulse” and evaluate sentiment.

An interesting subset of data we explore at Arkovi is also the Tweet source – helping us evaluate the tools being used for content creation, if they are web-based, desktop-based or mobile. You can see the Twitter source in a number of ways – for example:

Arkovi stores the source of all tweets for this research as well as helping our customers understand how their users leverage social media from any source and any device. Arkovi offers reporting on this and many other data points in the archives for customers to gather the business and market intelligence they need as they evolve social media tactics and strategy.

Tracking the Twitter publishing source with Arkovi

On, by clicking on a tweet, the tweet content opens slightly to reveal additional details, including the publishing source.

Twiiter source on

Likewise, Hootsuite, a popular content creation tool, also lists the source for tweets in your timelines.

As a part of our review of Tweet sources, we released research on this earlier this year – and have revised it here to show some trending changes in how folks (in this case – Arkovi users) are creating content for Twitter.

Tweet Publishing Sources in Arkovi Twitter Archives

Some interesting shifts include a much wider number of sources. Arkovi’s Twitter archives include Twitter data published from more than 900 different sources including SMS and a wide range of browser, desktop and mobile apps. This has lowered the top 8 listed above as they share with these many newcomers.

The fact that remains on top reflects the continued automation of blog posts to social networks versus manual tweets regarding content posts. Likewise with Co-Tweet, though its use has dropped a bit, it also remains in the Top 8 as a social automation tool (owned by Exact Target). continues to tweak its interface and though it owns apps like Tweet Deck and builds apps for mobile devices, continues to find ways to draw users to its core site as their primary content consumption and creation tool.

Echofon came on quite strong jumping from slightly less than 1% to just under 5% and entering into the Top 8 sources. It is also reflecting the broader use of mobile tools for Twitter interaction.  In fact sources that made it into the Top 20 included:

    • Twitter and UberSocial for Blackberry
    • Twitter for iPhone
    • Twitter for Android

We are starting to see iPad apps climbing this list as well.

This source can be valuable to also explore frequency, timelines and other metrics on Twitter content. For example – exploring the volume of tweets on mobile devices versus web or desktop-based apps – and the assessing quality of content on each can lead toward evaluation of improving the editorial calendar, timing of posts and training opportunities.

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