Looking Back: The Arkovi Timeline

The idea for a technology company that would support business adoption of social media was born at an Ohio breakfast meeting in early 2009. Three friends and business colleagues began discussing social media and what it would take to deliver archiving, compliance and monitoring tools while creating relationships with clients and prospects online. The result of that conversation was Arkovi Social Media Archiving.

As we ended our second full year of operations, our team took a collective breath and looked back on 24 months. A timeline emerged as we assessed our growth and evolution of the Arkovi platform. We’ve leveraged the infographic format to share that history as we enter our third year serving the social media archiving needs of business.

A survey of our features includes:

  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter public and private archiving
  • RSS integration for archiving blogs, blog comment feeds, social and web searches (and many other social and web platforms providing RSS feeds for content, images and video)
  • Our latest release – website archiving with powerful “look back” features to see a website as it was as well as date and time-stamped screenshots of each page on a site.

From our perspective we see that the past few years have unfolded as a shift in strategy for adopting social media has taken root.

  • 2009 was a year of exploration – evaluating early adopters using social media for business in channels for customer service, brand building and monitoring and sales prospecting.
  • 2010 one of listening and observing  – watching as best practices began to emerge across social networks – with many companies dipping their toes in the social waters.
  • 2011 has been a year of momentum as organizations mapped out structured listening programs and began to design strategy and policies for larger social engagement. You can see our previous research this year in our “How Arkovi Users Leverage Social Media” infographic.
  • 2012 is queued up to be a year of mainstream adoption. For example within Arkovi – we see a significant number of companies committing to archiving in the 4th quarter with designs on active social participation in the New Year.

As we look ahead, we are determined to keep the ball rolling. Arkovi customers can look forward to new features allowing them to experience the alpha in social media archiving, as well as continued educational materials on social media via our Resource Center.

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