Avoid Losing Your Tweets in the "Twitter Black Hole"

Be honest, do you automatically read or save every tweet that comes your way?  If you’re busy with work and everything else in between, the answer is probably no.  Sadly for Twitter enthusiasts, those tweets they didn’t have time to read right away seem to be disappearing forever, despite their efforts to locate them using Twitter search.

According to the recent article, Twitter Becomes More Anti-Search, No More Access to Archived Tweets, this “black hole” in Twitter is due to the fact that users are required to enter an old tweet’s direct URL in order to view it.  Any archived message older than a week is labeled “unavailable” by Twitter. Even Google might not be enough to help you find that old tweet you really wanted to read but didn’t have time to click on until now.  Unfortunately, we have to accept that those tweets have disappeared forever…or do we?

If you need to archive your tweet history, Arkovi has the solution.  Arkovi archives your entire Twitter account activity, including tweets, direct messages, mentions and retweets.  Simply sign in to your Arkovi account and click on “Twitter Activity” under the right sidebar.  Voila!  Your entire Twitter activity, both the old and new, is right there for you to see.  Unlike in Twitter, no message in Arkovi is labeled “unavailable”.  You can view every tweet, direct message, mention, and your retweet from the beginning of your Twitter existence.  So when it comes to finding your old tweets, Twitter and Google might not be able to help, but Arkovi #alwayshasyourback.

Whether you’re looking for tweets, direct messages, mentions, or your tweets retweeted, Arkovi’s archiving solution allows you to access both your current and previous Twitter activity. Users also have the option to download their activity into an Excel spreadsheet.

Need to find a particular tweet? Arkovi’s search feature allows users to search for a tweet by key phrase and dates.  Search results can be saved as a report or exported to Excel.

Monitor the temperature of your tweet history by using Arkovi’s Tag Clouds.

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