Social Media Minute Podcast: Building an Editorial Calendar

Social media success comes from balancing listening and engaging fans and followers.  It is important for your business to identify a list of topics to talk about online.  Now is the time to take advantage of the “listening” and public monitoring you have been doing on social media.  Build an editorial calendar that identifies and addresses topics that are  important to you and your business.  Don’t be afraid to use different platforms such as audio, video, blogs, websites, Facebook fan pages and email newsletters to reach your customers.  In less than 3 minutes we’ll share ideas on how to best get started identifying important topics for your business, as well as how to incorporate them into your editorial calendar.

Show notes:

  • Reference to Arkovi’s Social Media Minute  podcast  discussing the importance of listening on social media.
  • Reference to Arkovi’s Social Media Minute: Listening as an Arkovi User discussing the ability of Arkovi customers to  “listen” for certain keywords and phrases online and use Arkovi’s RSS features to their advantage.