Making Sure Your Facebook Account is Secure

For those not yet aware, Facebook has made some additional changes to account settings. By default, secure (SSL) settings are not automatically set to Facebook accounts.  If you take a look at your URL when logged in to Facebook and see “http” or “www” instead of “https”, you do not have a secure session and your account can be hacked.  However, changing your settings is very simple.  Here are the five easy steps to a safe and secure Facebook account:

1.  Go to Account  Settings

2.  Click “Security” on the top left corner

3.  Click “Edit” next to Secure Browsing

Step 3: Click Edit Next to Secure Browsing

4.  Check the “Secure Browsing” box

Step 4: Check the “Secure Browsing” box

5.  Click “Save”

Your account now has a safe and secure setting.  Also, as a friendly reminder, remember to update your password every so often to maintain security while on Facebook.

*By default, some apps cannot operate under SSL settings.  If you try to use one of these apps, Facebook will ask you if you want to use non-SSL settings.

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