New Podcast: Loic Jeanjean of Advisor Websites on Building Your Online Presence and Webvisor

Arkovi Social Media Archiving is proud to release their newest podcast, an interview with Loic Jeanjean, Director of Sales and Marketing for Advisor Websites.    This exciting podcast, hosted by Arkovi CEO,  Blane Warrene, discusses the strategies and tactics Advisor Websites has used to successfully build their online presence.

Warrene and Jeanjean also discuss the inner workings of the book, Webvisor: The Financial Advisor’s Guide to the Internet.  This book provides readers with an insight into what successful firms are currently doing online, as well as the necessary steps and tools used to get there.  Jeanjean explains that whether you are someone who is familiar with online tools, or someone just starting out, Webvisor will provide a powerful, thought-provoking overview that will open new doors for you and your firm.

To listen to this new podcast, please click use the audio player below or click here.

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