Greetings to Yet Another Facebook Change

Is Facebook battling it out with Google+?  If you are one of the millions of people worldwide using this power-house social media platform, no doubt you have noticed Facebook’s newest changes that debuted earlier this week.  It did not take long for users, many of whom were frustrated with yet another change to the design, to realize Facebook’s newest features strike an uncanny resemblance to the Google+ layout.  Whether or not we on Facebook enjoy the newest look or not, it will soon be available to all 750 million users in about a week.

Besides the constant complaining statuses about the redesign, what benefits are we getting from the big changes made to Facebook? Well just take a look at your News Feed and notice the new Timeline feature!  Before the News Feed was split into two categories, Recent News and Top News.   Now the single-streamed News Feed features a revamped feed that displays updates based on how long you have been logged out of Facebook.  Whether you were gone a few hours or a week, Facebook will make sure you don’t miss a beat.  Or, if you want to cut to the chase you have the option of seeing a summary of the top stories on your mini feed.

Many are asking why the changes?  Weren’t we all just getting familiar with the Facebook changes from last time?   Facebook developers have realized that people are not necessarily looking for the most recent news; they want to read what is interesting and what they find engaging.  Thanks to this new feature, we now have the choice to view Facebook as our “own personal newspaper”, with the most interesting news and pictures missed while we have been away at the top of the News stream.

In order for us to see what we’ve missed, Facebook has marked top statuses and photos posted while we have been away with easy to find blue corners.  Even better, Facebook now displays larger photos that are more easily viewable when scrolling through the News stream.  Also, if you’ve looked at the corner of your screen above the Chat column, you may have noticed a feature similar to Twitter.  This Ticker is a mini-feed that constantly updates in real time as your friends post statuses, or like or comment on a wall.

So with all of these changes, what will Facebook developers throw at us next?  In order to be the best social network out there, Facebook is continuing to dream up new ideas and is currently integrating music and next-generation video, such as Spotify and Hulu, to the site.  No matter what Facebook has in store for us, it is clear that they remain a strong force on social media and will continue to add features in order to be the best.  So enjoy and become familiar with Facebook’s newest look.  It might not be too long until this one, like the others, is redesigned.

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