Improving Your Search Rankings One Facebook Friend at a Time

Google may have caught the world’s attention with its new Google+, but does it have your Facebook friends’ approval?  Search Google+ on Bing and you may have your answer.  The recent integration between Facebook and Bing allows you to discover better search results than you ever expected.  Imagine, now Bing not only gives you the answers you are looking for, but also lets you to see what your Facebook friends think about the same topic.  Looking for the best restaurant to take a client? Not only will Bing point you in the right direction, but so can your Facebook friends.  Leave it to Bing and Facebook to take peer pressure to the next level by developing this new social search engine.

Now that this new powerhouse integration allows Bing to go above and beyond to answer every question imaginable, you may be wondering how it can positively affect your business and online marketing strategies.  The more people on Facebook “like” your business’ page, the better the chances are for increasing your Bing social search ranking, which can ultimately drive more traffic to your business website.  Even if your business does not show up in regular search results until page three or four, now it can show up at the top of Bing social search results. Even better, those people liking your page, and all their friends, can easily transform from Facebook fans to a real life customer.

Bing has even more ideas up its sleeve on how to become more social, thus allowing savvy business owners to get the most out of the new integration with Facebook.  Soon, tweets about your business will show up in social search results.  Is your business registered on foursquare?  Check-ins are also on Bing’s list on how to make social search results even better for your business.  With this new channel of brand engagement online, companies everywhere need to step up their game and evolve a more active presence on social media.  Make Facebook pages more exciting and interactive so they attract more people to hit that like button.  Businesses that are more active on social media will ultimately rank higher in search results.   Continue to update your blog on your business and what is trending in your industry.  The more active you are, the more followers you will gain.  It is important to look at these followers and potential “likers” and easy ways to move up the ladder on Bing search results.  Critics can review your business and competitors can fiercely try to convince prospects that they are the better choice.  However, with the huge masses of people joining Facebook every day, those reviews and articles might mean nothing once your potential customers see how many of their Facebook friends have liked your page.  If there is one thing that always reigns supreme, it’s that we listen to our friends.  When it comes to growing your online presence, don’t you want your business to be what your friends are recommending?

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