Automate & Integrate Arkovi Reports with Evernote, & more

We are pleased to announce today that Arkovi customers can easily automate the distribution, via email, of their Arkovi archives to any email destination. Most compelling, this includes integration with Evernote, and Zoho Docs along with any cloud storage platform or digital storage destination that provides an email address for adding files.

A new menu item in the system (see screenshot below) provides the ability to add email addresses for distribution of archives in either Excel or XML format. In addition to choosing the format, automation options includes:

  • Daily
  • Weekly (sent on Monday)
  • Twice-monthly (sent every-other Monday)
  • Monthly (on the first Monday)

Schedule automated email of Arkovi archives in Excel and XML

Once Schedule Email Archives is selected – you will be prompted to add an email address and choose both file format and frequency (as noted above) – see below.

Setup Arkovi scheduled email delivery of social media archives

For example, when emailing the archives, in Excel format, to Evernote, a resulting Note in Evernote looks like this:

Arkovi Note in Evernote with Excel attachment

To take advantage of this new feature – review the cloud solutions you use for file storage (and/or backup), and identify if a “secret” email address is provided for adding files via email. This is the email address you would add to Arkovi.

Stay tuned for a number of enhancements on our short term roadmap, including expansion of LinkedIn as well as new API integrations with new social networks. You can request a demo of Arkovi or sign up for a free 15-day trial.

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