Archive Google+ in Arkovi

We’ve had a lot of questions about addressing the need for archiving with Google+. The Arkovi team participated in the initial beta of Google+ and we are active on the platform now. In addition – we are supporting archiving of Google+ profile activity via our RSS integrator!

While we work with the Google API – the Google team has not released the Google+ data to API as of yet. In the meantime – there is a straightforward workaround for adding your Google+ posts into Arkovi. (We are not related to PlusFeed and cannot guarantee their service is permanent). Google will most likely add native RSS into Google+ (as they have with all of their tools) once the baseline features stabilize.

The only caveat we have found with this workaround is when a user makes no posts public – they do not publish to the RSS feed.

Getting Your Google+ Posts into RSS and Archive Them in Arkovi

Your Google+ profile has a unique ID – found in the URL (browser address bar) of your Google+ activity stream. See the screenshot below.

Google+ URL for a user profile - archiving in Arkovi

To add the RSS feed to Arkovi:

  • Login to your Arkovi account
  • Go to Account Management (top menu at left)
  • Scroll down to the RSS section and add the following:

You should then see your Google+ profile under RSS Activity (see screenshot below):

Google+ Profile Archiving in Arkovi

For a free 15-day trial of Arkovi (including Google+ integration) – get started now!

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