Google: Helping Businesses Reach a Happily Ever After One Alert at a Time

The word “Google” has forever changed the way we live our lives by transforming into much more than a power-house search engine.  This technological “fairy godmother” has the power to grant our wishes by bringing instant gratification to our entertainment and research efforts.

Now Google can even help us strengthen our businesses by monitoring our brands’ online presence 24/7.  The instant alert was previously walled behind an enterprise garden that had an enormous price for entrance. Thanks to the sheer power of their indexing and some technical alchemy,  Google now grants this wish through Google Alerts.

By creating these alerts you can be instantly notified on when and where certain keywords and phrases, such as your business’ name, product names or even the names of executives are mentioned in the viral kingdom. You decide when you receive alerts, whether it be once or periodically throughout the day.  Whatever you choose, Google Alerts can keep you updated on what people everywhere are saying about you – both positive and negative.

Become a fierce guardian and competitor by establishing Google Alerts to keep you informed – using this same data to respond, network and interact with your customers, prospects and peers.   Certainly this includes tracking your competition. By staying alert – you can strengthen your business’ strategies and tactics while ushering more traffic towards your website.

By continuing to create alerts that monitor key buzz words and using the information you acquire,  your brand will undoubtedly  find a happily ever after.  With dedication and perseverance in monitoring your brand, you’ll soon be asking yourself, “Who needs magic when you have Google?”

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