The Arkovi Solutions Series – Questions and Answers on Social Media Archiving

Arkovi launched as a pioneering social media archiving solution early in 2009, setting the standard for the API-based solution for financial services. Ready made for a distributed workforce, mobile-friendly with no apps required; Arkovi serves as the premier solution for social media archiving, compliance and market intelligence.

Day in and day out, our team is in the trenches interacting and listening to our customers and peers and how they use social media. Our backgrounds and history in the industry inform our priorities and research in identifying and anticipating the needs as technology evolves. Throughout this process we continue to discuss common topics across compliance, marketing, operations and technology. With that in mind we have launched our Solutions Series to demystify getting engaged with social media in financial services.

Kicking off our series are the questions and answers we discuss every day in demonstrations and at events in delivering an enabling social media compliance and monitoring solution. To stay in tune with our ongoing Q & A’s with the Arkovi team, subscribe here

Who Asks How Much?

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