Storing Tweets is Easy with Arkovi

Twitter archiving and monitoring has never been easier with Arkovi. Our direct integration to the Twitter API enables you to authorize your account to archive into Arkovi in one click. Arkovi takes care of preserving all of the content you have created and that you seek to capture.

Twitter content is separated into user-friendly categories:

  • Tweets from the public Twitter stream
  • Direct messages to capture the Twitter “email” messaging
  • Mentions so you can monitor how you are referenced on Twitter
  • How your own Tweets are used by tracking retweets by others of your messaging
Our Twitter dashboard enables you to review archived data as well as post to Twitter, including use of the URL shortening service. If you have a account, you can enter your account details so that tweets sent from Arkovi using are tracked as well. We also “un-shorten” urls back to their complete url when we archive – so you can see the original links used. You will also see the Twitter image as well as a date and time stamp for every archived item.
Lastly, using our Search feature for Twitter archives, you can search, filter and export to Excel any results you find in Arkovi. Of course at any time you can download all data on demand under Download when logged in to Arkovi.

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