Business Practice Tip #2 – Archive Twitter Hashtags and Searches

Editor’s Note: As of July 29, 2011, Twitter removed its RSS search option.  However, we have updated this article and have explained how to search for keywords and hashtags on Twitter, as well as how to archive your searches in Arkovi.

A fantastic blog post by the Twitter team (science of the hashtag) illustrates the techniques and capability of using hashtags on Twitter. Twitter hashtags are not only a mechanism for further taxonomy of your content. In our view they are a great discovery tool as part of your research efforts (much in the way you use search engines to identify possible content resources on the web).

We’ve covered before the versatility of Arkovi as a discovery/research and monitoring tool as well as your archiving and compliance solution for social media in Business Practice Tip #1 over the holidays (see also our online feature overview).

In addition to creating a permanent archive of your public and private accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – our RSS integration provides you the ability to assemble your own searchable archives of social media and web searches. This enables you to capture the content resulting from searches of keywords and phrases important to your brand, business and marketing.

Twitter hashtags (they look like ‘#hashtag’ within tweets) are a mechanism to further categorize content within the Twitter ecosystem. For example – our team uses tags such as #arkovi or common tags such as #socialmedia and #socialmediaforadvisors. See an example from the @arkovibackups tweet stream. In this case we used a popular hashtag #FF (used as follow friday to draw attention to Twitter users worth following).

@arkovibackups Twitter hashtag example

Finding Hashtags and Keywords on Twitter

In Google fashion, you can search Twitter by going to and typing in hashtags (add the # sign in front of your keyword), a keyword and phrases. The results will load on the same page.

As of July 29, Twitter removed its RSS search option.  However, you can still search for hashtags and keywords.  Once you find the information you are looking for, you can easily archive the search in Arkovi.

The Makeup of a Twitter Hashtag for Archiving in Arkovi

Twitter enables you to monitor an RSS feed of searches created on the social network, both plain text and hashtag searches. The format of the RSS web address is Let’s break that down:

  1. is the standard RSS address for a Twitter search
  2. The ‘%23’ is web language for the ‘#’ symbol (pound symbol as we call is casually)
  3. In the above example – then the search keyword – hashtag in this case

To build your own search manually – you simply add a keyword after the %23 if you want to search a hashtag and archive the results in Arkovi. If you simply want to search by a keyword – remove the ‘%23’ from the address.

Add Search Feed to Arkovi

Once you determine the hashtags and keywords you would like to search for on Twitter – you can add those feeds into Arkovi via our RSS integrator. There is no limit to the amount of feeds you may add, archive and monitor.

Archive and monitor RSS social and web feeds in Arkovi

Monitor, Search and Export Your Twitter Searches

Once you’ve added your Twitter Hashtag and keyword searches – Arkovi immediately begins archiving your content requests. The Arkovi search engine enables you to filter through these saved searches for onscreen review and export to Excel (or one-click save to Reports for ongoing use).

Monitor hashtags in Arkovi

Review Saved Hashtag Searches in Arkovi

The Arkovi search engine enables you to search, sort, export to Excel and even save searches as reports for ongoing use.

Search and Export to Excel in Arkovi

Search and Export to Excel in Arkovi

As you can see – Arkovi provides you the ability to archive, review and report on a wide array of social media and web searches to enhance your monitoring and surveillance initiatives alongside your compliance requirements. We also invite you to learn more about Arkovi and stop by the Arkovi Online Support Center.

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