Client Acquisition in the 21st Century

The explosion of social media has broadened how we can interact online with our brand, customers and prospects. Now a much more viable extension of our offline and analog efforts in growing our business – social media has risen to the forefront in 2011.

Arkovi is pleased to sponsor and introduce our partner eRollover – who will bring their expertise to this webinar on January 19th from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT to discuss client acquisition in the 21st century.

Guests include Peter Velardi, President and COO, Mike Rowan, co-founder and Sherry Heyl, Community Director at eRollover.

The agenda:

  • Client Acquisition – changing landscape from cold calling to leveraging the Internet/technology
  • Short list of what is working today & in the future – along with the challenges
  • Deeper dive into social media for advisors
  • Universal truths of effective client acquisition
  • Potential action steps

Sign up now for this free webinar.

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