Archive Your StumbleUpon Feeds in Arkovi

One of the elements that makes social media so powerful is discovery, a topic we have covered before at Arkovi. In fact when we define social media archiving, it includes monitoring, market intelligence (discovery & research) and compliance (backup, record-keeping, etc.). StumbleUpon is one of those great discovery tools that enables you to both share your favorite content (yours or others) while also generating new recommendations for your consideration (‘stumbling’ as they call it) based on topics you define.

We consider it a social tool for the web based on its peer-driven ratings, reviews and comments that drive up content sources for users of the service. The value lies in finding fresh content sources you might not discover through your own search while also contributing content. You establish a repository of links with comments/reviews of your own and others (called Favorites). This will evolve into a rich resource for you to dip into when creating new content or messaging for your own purposes. Like any social network – the cross-section of personal and business users establishes another connection point for you and your customers to intersect.

Arkovi’s RSS integration enables you to capture the RSS feeds (there are 4) from your own StumbleUpon account (and other Stumbler’s feeds) into Arkovi for archiving, reporting and more.  The image below reflects the feeds available for your StumbleUpon account.

Archive your StumbleUpon feeds in Arkovi

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