Archive Your Posterous Accounts

One of the powerful enablers in using social media is the ability to create content and distribute to multiple destinations (and audiences) with a mouse-click. Posterous is certainly a leader in this area – providing a powerful publishing platform (for free) that serves as a syndicator of your content. The service can host your blog, post to your blog and even send updates to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Twitter linking to your blog posts (Our team’s favorite feature is the email to blog post feature). This automation can dramatically simplify your use of social media to further your content and brand message (and save quite a bit of time!).

Arkovi’s direct integration with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter means you will capture those auto posts from Posterous to your accounts on these networks. Additionally, our rich RSS interface enables you to capture your Posterous blog posts as well. As seen below, each of your Posterous sites include a “subscribe via RSS” link, providing a feed of your posts.

@posterous RSS feed for your Posterous blog

You add this RSS feed to your Arkovi account (see our Getting Started Guide) to begin archiving previous and ongoing content posts you create using the Posterous service. Remember to add any RSS feeds to Arkovi from additional sites you auto post content to from Posterous as well (i.e. Flickr, Picasa, blogs, etc.).

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