Arkovi Honored with Best Tech for Advisors 2010 by Morningstar Advisor

The Arkovi team was thrilled to see this published yesterday by Morningstar Advisor in their 2010 Best Tech for Advisors. We are exhilarated and humbled with the selection in Best Back Office Technology! Innovating in a pioneering field like social media is exciting and complex – navigating the technical requirements along with the myriad of rules and regulations in financial services.

This recognition certainly comes from our customers choosing to use Arkovi as their social media archiving solution. We are passionate about our responsibility and do not take for granted the trust you put in us to manage this for your business.

When we look back on our launch in 2009, social media was tracking as a fad. Throughout 2010 the effectiveness and versatility of social media as a marketing, service and networking tool for financial services has become reality. We see 2011 as a year where the use of this powerful medium will integrate into everyday business. Our team remains hard at work innovating with new features to continue broadening the social tools you can leverage.

Thanks to Bill Winterberg and Morningstar Advisor for inclusion in their 2010 review of technology for advisors and thanks to our customers and supporters for making that honor a reality! You can also learn more about Arkovi and see where else we have been in the news.

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