Look Back on Your 2010 Social Media Content

One of the underlying benefits of social media archiving is the ability to survey your content in one repository. Whether you would like to write a year end recap for your customers, trend your content topics or take your data into Excel or other formats for further analysis – Arkovi delivers this capability.

By leveraging the Arkovi tools to review your social media and web content, you can assemble the results and export them out of the system in Excel for use in your content review, projects or other initiatives.

Using Tag Cloud

A good starting point is by viewing a visual trend of the topics in your social media archive. This is accomplished via our tag cloud tool. By choosing which platforms you are seeking to review (or all of them) and how many tag terms you wish to include (we recommend starting with 25 to get a sense for your topics) – you can see how your topics are weighted (see the example below).

Arkovi Social Media Archives Tag Cloud

Using Search

For example, if we want to see what we have said about “integration” on Twitter in 2010 – we simply Search our archives to assess that footprint filtered for 2010 year to date:

Search Arkovi Social Media Archives

Our results give us some options – including:

  • Filtering, sorting and paging through results on screen
  • Exporting the results to Excel for external use
  • Saving the search as a report for ongoing use

Arkovi Search Engine for social media archives

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