MarketCounsel and Arkovi Announce Partnership

MarketCounsel, a leading provider of comprehensive business and regulatory consulting services to independent registered investment advisers (RIAs), today announced a partnership with BMRW & Associates, the developer of Arkovi, a leading social media archiving and monitoring tool, to deliver comprehensive social media compliance and archiving solutions exclusively designed for the securities industry through MarketCounsel’s scalable, enterprise-class messaging solution, MailBanc.

This partnership advances financial advisors’ ability to participate in social media. Advisors have a keen interest in social networking and the alliance between MailBanc and Arkovi helps them clear a significant compliance hurdle by integrating the social media activity of their reps with their email activity.

Since 2007, MailBanc has offered the industry’s only messaging solution designed specifically for investment advisers and broker-dealers, providing users with a comprehensive suite of tools to filter, capture, retain and monitor email communications. Through the newly announced partnership, users of both MailBanc and Arkovi will be able to view all archived email and social media activity by logging in to MailBanc. In addition, joint clients will benefit from receiving MarketCounsel’s guidance on social networking to assist in maintaining proper supervisory controls.

Arkovi is a web-based product that archives communications on social networking sites (PDF), including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and RSS feeds for blog posts and comments. Users of both Arkovi and MailBanc will be able to screen social networking activity through MailBanc’s unique Message Surveillance tool, which uses approximately 15,000 keywords and phrases developed exclusively for RIAs and broker-dealers to ensure compliance approval.

“MailBanc was designed to provide financial advisors with a secure, centralized and completely searchable IT solution that addresses the strict compliance needs of the securities industry,” said Marc Cohen, head of MarketCounsel’s MailBanc Division. “We are proud to offer the compliance solution that advisors demand and are very pleased to partner with BMRW to extend those capabilities to social media activity.”

“In our 20 years working in and serving financial services firms, we have learned that almost every environment requires its own custom solution,” says Blane Warrene, Chief Executive and Co-founder of BMRW. “In this instance, Arkovi pulls raw data direct from social media sites and, through the ease-of-use of MailBanc, clients of both products can access compliance information through one portal. With this solution, MailBanc and Arkovi together form an integrated offering to satisfy RIAs’ social networking and email requirements.”

MailBanc is the only compliance solution available exclusively for the securities industry, providing leading expertise of regulatory requirements and best practices for RIAs and BDs.

For more information, please contact Carol Graumann at 973-732-3521 or

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