Social Media Listening and Monitoring is Critical

The advice to many who might be tentative to embrace social media is to listen. We would suggest this is a key component of any social media strategy in business. Listening to what your customers, peers, competitors and others in your market space say is as important as the crafting that goes into your own content.

In developing Arkovi, we believed this functionality goes hand in hand. We integrated social media monitoring into system alongside the social media archiving available to our customers. In particular our research and experience showed that social media monitoring extended to the search engines Bing, Google and Yahoo. This is largely due to the content licensing the search engines have brokered to bring social media content to the larger universe of search engine results.

As an Arkovi user, you can aggregate, search and report on social and web content easily through our Twitter and RSS integration. Starting with Twitter, where you can bring in any public stream while also monitoring mentions of the Twitter accounts you manage as well as retweets of your content (see the screenshot below):

Monitoring Twitter Data on Arkovi

Leveraging the reach of RSS, you can add any feed spanning:

  • Twitter searches, including Twitter hash tags
  • Your web search (news) alerts from Bing, Google and Yahoo
  • Blogs and news feeds you monitor
  • Any other source of RSS content, including social properties such as Foursquare, YouTube and Digg

Monitoring RSS Feeds via Arkovi

Social Search with Arkovi

Having all this content for review provides the convenience of one dashboard. The Arkovi search engine provides the power for mining this valuable data. Using Arkovi search you can choose the content you seek to review, filter via keywords and phrases and then determine how you wish to interact with the results. This enables you to filter both on-screen and also to export the data via Excel for additional manipulation or integration with other systems. Finally, you can save key searches as reports for future one-click access.

Arkovi Social Media Search Engine

Combining the archiving and compliance capabilities of Arkovi with our market intelligence tools rounds out a one-stop social dashboard for your business. To learn more download our overview of Arkovi services or follow us on Twitter at @arkovibackups.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Listening and Monitoring is Critical

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  2. Great insight. We wrote an article about brand monitoring a while ago, and highlighted a few resources advisors can use to listen to what the social web is talking about when it comes to their personal brand.

    A tool like Twitter search can help you identify major advocates of your brand (or at least people interested in talking about your brand), which will allow you to engage directly with potential brand ambassadors. Staying on top of what people say about you is a crucial part of your success in all social media endeavors.

    I remember my colleague Loic talk about a similar topic in one of the co-webinars that was hosted by Arkovi a few weeks ago. Looks like a really hot topic these days! It would be interesting to hear more about advisors getting on board with social media.

    Lisa, Advisor Websites

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