A Comprehensive, Easy to Use Solution for Email & Social Media Archiving

Social media has rapidly evolved from a curiosity to a key communications, marketing and service channel for your business. The challenge is integrating it into your operational practices without disruption. Through a strategic partnership, BMRW & Associates, Inc. (developers of Arkovi, the premier social media archiving solution) and MessageWatcher, LLC (a leading communications archiving and surveillance provider) are offering a comprehensive email, messaging and social media archiving solution.

Dover, OH & Denver, CO – October 8, 2010 — BMRW & Associates, Inc., developers of Arkovi Social Media Archiving and MessageWatcher, LLC announce a comprehensive and easy to use solution for messaging archiving and compliance. The organizations bring together experts from financial services, legal and healthcare industries with a highly scalable, cost-effective platform to address the archiving, compliance and market intelligence needs of its customers.

The partnership and integration encompasses the aggregation and archiving of email, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a number of other web and social platforms in one management dashboard.

“This combined solution will further assist our clients in mitigating risky employee behavior and affordably deal with legal discovery (e-discovery) requests”, said Craig Dinan, president at MessageWatcher, LLC. “By combining companies’ email and social media information into one archive we can help them save time and money”.

Integration between the two platforms enables customers to leverage Arkovi’s flexible aggregation and archiving solution for capturing social media content and the MessageWatcher compliance/surveillance dashboard for review, reporting and retrieval of data.

Equally compelling, the joint solution enables the social media user to continue using their own content tools – be they mobile devices, home or work computers and other mediums. The Arkovi and MessageWatcher offering does not require specialized software or complex setup procedures to get started.

“This is a natural fit at the intersection of ediscovery and regulatory rules for email and social media communications,” said Blane Warrene, BMRW & Associates, Inc. ceo. “Providing the combined data from the same dashboard is a welcome convenience and allows our customers to leverage the best capabilities of the Arkovi and MessageWatcher platforms.”

Five Reasons to Use the Arkovi-MessageWatcher Integration
1. Simple setup process and always-on message archiving
2. Satisfy compliance, policies and legal requirements for messaging archiving
3. Monitor, measure and report on messaging content
4. Securely store your data
5. Scalable and cost-effective solution that grows with your business

Arkovi can be found at https://www.arkovi.com and on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/arkovibackups. The Arkovi blog is at http://blog.arkovi.com. Download the Arkovi Social Media Archiving services overview. Contact BMRW & Associates, Inc. at 330-423-0096.

MessageWatcher can be found at http://www.messagewatcher.com. Download the MessageWatcher services overview. Contact Craig Dinan at MessageWatcher via 720-200-0602.

Arkovi Social Media Archiving

MessageWatcher, a leading provider of communications archiving and surveillance

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