Arkovi Expands Social Media Archiving Features

We are pleased to announce a fresh batch of social media archiving features for our premium and enterprise customers.

Facebook Expansion

In 2010 we have been capturing Facebook personal profiles, Fan (business) pages , Facebook Photo Albums (and photos) and Notes. We have now added archiving of all content on both personal and Fan page walls, including:

  • posts by others, either content or comments
  • your responses to those posts and comments
  • posts and comments to your Photo Albums, Photos and Notes
  • posts to your wall(s) by third-party Facebook applications

Social Media Archiving Update

Arkovi automatically updates customer archives as a part of the solution. Additionally, for some time we have had the auto-refresh link on the Twitter archiving page within Arkovi to enable customers to update on demand. We have now introduced an auto-refresh across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – represented by the refresh arrow icon seen in the screenshot below.

Enterprise Enhancements

Refresh User Social Media Archives

In conjunction with the archive refresh features introduced for individual users we have also enabled our enterprise customers to auto-refresh their social media archives on demand for all users they supervise and administer. This is accomplished through the same refresh icon seen in the screenshot above. This encompasses Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter archives. The RSS integrator in Arkovi refreshes every time the user logs in or accesses the RSS archive for data or to export to Excel for further review.

Added automation and/or pickup of social archive data

Arkovi currently enables all users to download all or a filtered set of data in Excel from the system on demand. Additionally all users can download the XML format of their archive for use in third party applications. We have now introduced new integration features for our enterprise customers including emailing of the archive on a schedule in multiple formats (including Excel, HTML and XML), drop off or pickup of the data via secure protocols as well as data warehouse integration in multiple formats. To learn more email the Arkovi enterprise support team.

Simplified on-boarding of enterprise users

Via a new automated survey form and our customer support portal – we have simplified the implementation of our enterprise customers. As a new customer comes on board the completion of the on-boarding survey generates the appropriate support workflow for our team and also outputs a quick start guide with your unique registration code (for easy user sign up and billing purposes). To learn more please contact our sales team at 866-222-2334 or via

Ask Us a Question

Both on our public Arkovi web site and as a logged in user of the Arkovi social media archiving solution – you will find an “Ask Us” button on the left side of the browser screen (see below). This allows for anyone to submit questions (and open support tickets) without leaving the page they are on.

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