With Blogging and Social Media, Focus on What You Can Control via @stephsammons

Blogging is a key component of social media and perhaps the core of any content initiatives (like CRM to your business operations). It is also the one key area of your online presence you have the most control over. The social networks we integrate into our online presence are powerful and far-reaching, yet they are also prone to change on short notice. Stephanie Sammons, a new media expert in financial services, recently covered this topic at Smart Social Pro with several key techniques for insuring you can manage your online presence. As Sammons noted:

“Over two months ago, LinkedIn changed the layout and functionality of “Groups” within the network.  A couple of weeks ago,Facebook changed the width parameters for custom Facebook Business Pages.  (This affected any Facebook Page owner who had a customized Welcome tab for example).   Google completely changed the way that search results would be served up with “Google Instant“, promising to save time but certainly will alter the way we think about optimizing digital assets.   Most recently, Twitter has also announced big changes about how it’s site will work.”

In her assessment (and in her headline to the post) – focus your energies on what you can control. We agree and believe that the long-form content available on blogs is still the central place to share your ideas, knowledge and to clearly define who you are as a business and how you provide value.

Sammons keys to success include owning your blog and content and producing meaningful content regularly. Read the full article here.

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