Three Steps to Getting Social Media Right with Your Web Site

Get on board with social media via a free webinar on September 22, 2010 at 2:00 pm EDT featuring online marketing expert Loic Jeanjean of Advisor Websites and the Arkovi team.

Loic will kick off the session discussing how to properly configure your social media presence to properly represent your business. This includes thinking through the bio, linking strategies and planning for content. Your web presence is the hub of your social media engagement as it serves as the launching pad to connect the dots to your social networks – and perhaps equally important – is your dashboard for longer form content to explore your business ideas and services with readers, prospects and clients.

Second, Loic will review how his web platform provides integration to social media information. The Arkovi team joins in and reviews best practices for the integration of web and social content.

Third, the Arkovi team will walk through the steps to address compliance concerns for record-keeping and review of social content (i.e. advertising, client correspondence and overall communications with the public).

Register now:

About Loic Jeanjean

Loic Jeanjean is the Online Marketing Manager at Advisor Websites where he helps financial services professionals grow their market share by leveraging online marketing and social media. He is also spearheading the US and French markets expansions. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) and received his Inbound Marketing Certificate with honors.

To learn more about Arkovi, browse around the Arkovi blog and website or download our overview of services.

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